How Parents Can Encourage Entrepreneurship

At the basketball games, the bleachers are filled with super-fan parents, cheering on their players with the tenacity only a parent can deliver. Debate competitions, more subdued but equally passionate. And choir recitals and musical performances empty local florists of … read more

The Hidden Lessons in #firstsevenjobs

This month, a conversation about first jobs started on social media, inspired by the hashtag #firstsevenjobs. Celebrities joined in, listing out their (oh so normal!) first occupations, like these: #firstsevenjobs construction, bus boy, cafeteria server, library data entry, futon frame maker, … read more

Biz Kid Q&A with Balloonologist Travis DeRose

The following is a guest post Q&A with Biz Kid and balloonologist Travis DeRose. Tell us about your business. What do you do, and what inspired you? I’m an expert balloonologist, a balloon twister. I twist at various restaurants including some … read more

Times, they are a Changin’

Well, it’s happened. That little knock on the door, followed by an irresistible offer of delicious cookies from an ambitious girl scout, has gone digital. For many Biz Kids, selling girl scout cookies is a first step in a lifetime of entrepreneurialism. … read more

Baby Steps & Setbacks

What do you think Warren Buffett was doing at your age? Applying to Ivy League universities and being welcomed with open arms? How about Steve Jobs? Probably designing an incredible gadget all of his friends would want, right? Or Vera Wang–surely … read more

Launching a Business Before You Can Drive

See if this challenge feels familiar: you have an invention that your family and friends are encouraging you to create, but there’s a problem: you need some cash to create it. And you’re a teenager. You don’t have any credit, … read more

What’s in a Brand?

What comes to mind when you hear the word brand? A cow marked as belonging to a certain farm? A logo of your favorite gadget company? The way your coolest friend dresses and speaks? Actually, all of those responses would be … read more

Teens Bake Cakes to Renovate an African Hospital

The following is a guest post written by Alison Geist of Demoss. For Gabe (age 15) and Livvy (age 11) Feinn, baking and decorating cakes isn’t about providing dessert; it’s about protecting lives. The two Louisville natives decided to raise $35,000 to renovate a mission hospital … read more

Change of Plans

There’s a word I’ve noticed being used at increasing rates in recent months, especially in the startup community: “nimble.” According to, nimble means, “quick and light in movement; moving with ease; agile; active; rapid.” Our society is advancing at … read more

Savoring the Days of Small Beginnings

We’ve all heard the stories, and we’ve even profiled some of them: “Teenager Sells App to Yahoo for $70 Million” “Facebook CEO is youngest Self-Made Billionaire” “True Tales of Overnight Millionaires” The headlines are so frequent, and the stories so … read more

Two Sisters Turn Love for Nature into Educational Game

9- and 13-year olds Athia and Maia Strohm turned their passion for the outdoors into a business, creating an educational card game company called Two Sisters in the Wild. Today’s guest post features a Q&A between the girls and their father, Jason Strohm. Q: … read more

Did you Know? Ten Outstanding Biz Kid$ Resources

Did you know that you should save more than you spend? Probably. Did you know that the money you save by not buying that expensive mocha could add up to quite the nest egg when you’re older? Ya, you probably … read more