A hand holding a bunch of dried flowers.

Little Steps to Raising a Generous Kid

It doesn’t take a grinch to see that this year’s holiday season will be unlike any the world has seen in a century. Amidst a season in which kids (and adults) tend to daydream about creating wish lists, receiving packages, … read more

A woman holding up a sign that says give thanks.

Yes, It Pays to be Thankful

In a year when every other tradition seems to be thrown out the window, this week brings a tradition that can’t be canceled — and shouldn’t be missed. For many families, the traditional turkey dinner isn’t in the cards. The … read more

A man in a wheelchair with a girl holding a cup of coffee.

The Little Girl Granting Little Wishes

Last summer, an 11-year-old girl spent the day with her mom at work. Next summer, people around Arkansas will have their dreams fulfilled because of her. Here’s what happened in between. Ruby Chitsey is the daughter of a nurse practitioner … read more

Maggie loves to give back.

What Happens When You Give Back

Last year, Warren Buffett gave over $2.8 billion—yes, billion with a b—to charity. That’s the equivalent of treating every single person in America to a Chipotle burrito (with guac!) Why? Several years ago, he announced a plan to give away … read more

A group of people preparing food in a kitchen.

The Ripple Effects of Entrepreneurship

When the founder of Chobani yogurt finally saw his long-standing dream come true last week, this is what it looked like: others got rich. Yes, the CEO of one of the world’s largest yogurt brands had been planning for years to reward his … read more

A group of people in a hospital room.

Teens Bake Cakes to Renovate an African Hospital

The following is a guest post written by Alison Geist of Demoss. For Gabe (age 15) and Livvy (age 11) Feinn, baking and decorating cakes isn’t about providing dessert; it’s about protecting lives. The two Louisville natives decided to raise $35,000 to renovate a mission hospital … read more

Where are they now: Man Cans

Do you smell that? That’s the smell of a manly scented candle. And that’s the smell of success. We first talked to Biz Kid Hart for a profile in episode 506. Hart had started a business making candles specially scented … read more