Times, they are a Changin’

Times, they are a Changin’


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A group of girl scouts posing in the back of a truck.


Well, it’s happened. That little knock on the door, followed by an irresistible offer of delicious cookies from an ambitious girl scout, has gone digital.

For many Biz Kids, selling girl scout cookies is a first step in a lifetime of entrepreneurialism. It’s a training ground for direct sales: pitching, listening, and closing. And now, it’s a training ground for the way business is often done today: digitally.


Dell and Visa are behind the modernization, providing the technology and hands-on training to match those thin mints with thin tablets and credit card processing.

The change begs the question: what other pieces of industry are due for an update? What do you think will be the next familiar experience to get a 21st century upgrade?

Are you about to do some direct sales of your own? It helps if you know how to be a pro! We have a free guide just for you: How 2 B a Pro!

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