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As loan payment restart, so does a big question

Nine days. That’s how long we have left in the student-loan-payment-free world we’ve all been living in since March of 2020. Three and a half years later, it’s easy to understand how the typical $350 monthly payment has been long … read more

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All About Love (and Money)

It doesn’t take a sleuth to detect the theme of the month. Candy hearts, red foiled greeting cards, and shimmering boxes of chocolates have replaced stores’ holiday season clearance sections with haste. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and the month of … read more

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As College Went Virtual, Students Went Packing

A few years ago, Harvard and Stanford took the extraordinary step of putting classroom-recorded courses on their websites for free. The move was downright gutsy. After all, access to the schools’ professors and insights were considered elite; their $50K+ tuitions, worthwhile.  … read more

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The Job Market’s Message? Be a Biz Kid.

Each summer, teens exchange their bookbags for aprons, uniforms, and name tags, taking on seasonal jobs for extra cash. These grocery clerks, ice cream scoopers, and lifeguards fill the needs created by seasonal businesses while satisfying a need of their … read more

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The Dream Job with a 78% Bankruptcy Rate

Last Sunday, 102 million people watched the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LIV. Across the world, countless little girls and boys looked at their screens with aspiration. Oh, to be a pro athlete. Fame, … read more

The Cost of College: $0?

The medical school at NYU announced this week that it was making tuition freefor all students, regardless of financial situation or merit. If that sounds like a big deal, it is. Tuition at the school has been more than $55,000 … read more

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College: Profitable or Not?

A new report from MSN Money made us stop and think this morning: “The 50 Top Ranked Colleges that Pay off the Least.” Talk about a downer. The report dug into public data to compare the average wages earned by … read more

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Landing That Summer Job

Summer is a time of swimming pools, lemonade stands, and sleeping in. But it’s also a fabulous opportunity to make some money and learn a few new skills. Landing the ideal summer job requires a bit of searching, a willing … read more

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How to Get a Job…In the Future

If today’s “gig economy” seems like a new chapter in American work, it sure is. And at the same time, it’s nothing new. The American job market has had drastic changes over its 241-year life. In fact, the word sabotage … read more

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Two Words for Nailing Any Job Interview

Let’s face it: job interviews are intimidating. A stranger peppers you with questions while you try to win them over with with stories of responsibility, ingenuity, and some good ole’ manners. Good news. We recently learned of a simple acronym … read more

Biz Kid Guide: How to be a Pro

So you want to be a pro, but you’re not sure if you’ve got what it takes? Don’t fret, Biz Kid. We’ve done the legwork for you, and collected the best advice to make a first impression and create repeat … read more

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Second Chances

Poverty to jail to success. When Coss Marte was growing up, drugs were everywhere. His family was poor, dressing him in his sisters’ hand-me-downs to save money. His ultimate dream was to become rich—to break the cycle of poverty that … read more