4 Tips for a Million Dollar Summer

For Biz Kids around the country, the final school bell is about to ring. With it, the ultimate reward for scholastic success: summer. You earned it, and you should enjoy it. But what if it could reward you, too? Spending your summer wisely could earn you a steep profit. Here are a few ways.

1. Put that amazing idea on paper.

The first step in making any idea into a million-dollar enterprise is having a plan. The school year can be a busy time for any student, so use the summer to get your ideas down! Our business plan template is the perfect place to start. Plus, it’s free!


2. Take some entrepreneurial action.

In Seth Godin’s marketing book, Linchpin, he gives readers a mandate: “Ship something everyday.” His point is to complete one small step in your project, startup, or dream each day. Just think: at the end of a summer, you could be dozens of steps down the road!


3. Learn from the best.

Whether you prefer books, podcasts, or videos, there’s no shortage of amazing stories from the world of entrepreneurship to inspire you into action. Read Nike founder Phil Knight’s new book, “Shoe Dog,” listen to podcasts like What it Takes, and dive into our inspiring collection of young entrepreneurial profiles on YouTube!

4. Make money with your money.

The world’s wealthiest people know something the rest of us don’t: how to make money from money. They’ve learned the power of compound interest, and know how to save early and make time work on their side. If these tips sound foreign to you, summer is the perfect time to learn! Our new book, How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000, is the perfect summertime reading. It’ll show you how to grow your money, all in a fun and engaging package.