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Financial Facts that are Downright Scary

Welcome to the season of goblins, ghouls, and skeletons. This is the month we go out of our way to experience fright in all of its forms. And so in true October fashion, today we confront one of the scariest … read more

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The Dream Job with a 78% Bankruptcy Rate

Last Sunday, 102 million people watched the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LIV. Across the world, countless little girls and boys looked at their screens with aspiration. Oh, to be a pro athlete. Fame, … read more

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5 Things We Learned During Financial Literacy Month

America is a C-student when it comes to money. Inside Sources reported that our country’s lack of financial literacy is to blame, with most schools providing kids with exactly zero education about money. “Only 27 percent of young adults know basic … read more

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Peeking at Uncle Sam’s Receipts

Taxes are a funny thing. For many of us, they’re the single biggest line item in our budget. And yet, most of us couldn’t tell you what they’re paying for. Correction: what we’re paying for. It’s just money we supposedly … read more

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What $1.6 Billion in Gold Looks Like

What does wealth look like exactly? Some think it looks like $300,000 ride. Other think it looks like the best clothes or the biggest house. The Millionaire Next Door taught us that it often looks like nothing at all — frugal … read more

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The 5 Questions to Ask Before Moving Out

Moving out: for many teens, it’s the shining light approaching at the end of a laundry-covered tunnel. But if dreams of endless pizza parties, video games, and rule-free reign are prancing in your head, you may find reality downright disappointing. … read more

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4 Simple Steps for Building a Budget

Depending on how you grew up and how you’re wired, the word budget either makes you want to run in fear, run some numbers, or run to the mall before it’s too late. But creating a budget is all about … read more

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Celebs Who’ve Lost Millions

Celebrities, they’re just like us! In some cases, that means they make foolish financial decisions. It turns out that even the wealthiest among us can get into money trouble if they don’t watch their spending. Here are a few of … read more

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Secrets Revealed: Retail Credit Cards Edition

“Do you have our store credit card? If you sign up today, you could save an extra 20% off of today’s purchase.” Hmm, twenty percent, you think. That’s $10. I could use an extra $10. You’re about to accept the … read more

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It’s Time to Talk Retirement, Kid

Retirement. For most kids, it’s literally the last thing on their mind. After all, why think of the end of your career when it’s just beginning? The answer comes down to the power of compound interest. A dollar saved today … read more

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The World’s 5 Best Mistakes

Next time to really mess up, pat yourself on the back. You may have just discovered the world’s next billion-dollar idea. We’re all hard on ourselves when we make a mistake. But history is full of examples of happy accidents. … read more

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Way to go, Dad! The advice that earned a $41 million payday.

Snapchat’s IPO—that is, Snapchat’s initial offering of stock—turned into quite the payday for one private school in California. In 2012, a dad convinced the school to invest $15,000 of their precious endowment in the company during its seed round (a … read more