A family is posing for a picture in a barber shop.

Overcoming the Odds

Many decades ago, a young illustrator was fired from the Kansas City Star for a lack of creativity. In Baltimore, a young aspiring broadcaster was told she was unfit for television. The first went by the name Walt Disney. The … read more

A graph showing the number of players in a poker game.

Baby Steps & Setbacks

What do you think Warren Buffett¬†was doing at your age? Applying to Ivy League universities and being welcomed with open arms? How about Steve Jobs? Probably designing an incredible gadget all of his friends would want, right? Or Vera Wang–surely … read more

Check out these 30 steps to Financial Wellness

April is the official National Financial Literacy Month; however the experts at Money Management International know that regardless of the day or month of the year you begin, the 30 step path will help you achieve financial wellness. Take the … read more