A man in a wheelchair with a girl holding a cup of coffee.

The Little Girl Granting Little Wishes

Last summer, an 11-year-old girl spent the day with her mom at work. Next summer, people around Arkansas will have their dreams fulfilled because of her. Here’s what happened in between. Ruby Chitsey is the daughter of a nurse practitioner … read more

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An engaging way to help kids help kids

At Biz Kid$ we’re passionate about kids teaching kids. This week in Seattle, an opportunity for adults to invest in kids helping kids: The International Children’s Friendship Festival. The festival is a celebration of children around the world, featuring art, … read more

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Indiegogo statistics all campaign owners should know.

Launching a Business Before You Can Drive

See if this challenge feels familiar: you have an invention that your family and friends are encouraging you to create, but there’s a problem: you need some cash to create it. And you’re a teenager. You don’t have any credit, … read more

12 year old saves Grandma’s house from foreclosure

Check out Noah’s Dream Catcher Network, built by a budding 12-year old philanthropist.  Noah’s goal is to help people help each other.  Last year he even raised over $10,000 to prevent his Grandma’s home from being foreclosed.  Now that boy … read more

Two men standing next to each other in a shoe shop.

Funding Your Idea

One of the biggest challenges for any young entrepreneur is the money problem. How do you take your idea from dream to reality while making barely enough money to pay for gas for your car or tickets to the movies? … read more

Four people posing for a photo at the emmy awards.

Biz Kid$ at the Daytime Emmy Awards

Here are a few pics of Biz Kid$ at the recent Daytime Emmy Awards.  We were nominated in three categories – directing, single camera photography, and sound design thanks to Bad Animals.  Unfortunately we didn’t win, but it was still … read more

Start a fundraiser to help the relief effort in Japan

Hey Biz Kid$…..it’s not hard to do a fundraiser for the Japanese earthquake / tsunami victims.   Lemons-to-Aid is an organization devoted to kids helping others. It features kids from all across the US starting their own lemonade stands to raise … read more