The Hidden Lessons in #firstsevenjobs

This month, a conversation about first jobs started on social media, inspired by the hashtag #firstsevenjobs. Celebrities joined in, listing out their (oh so normal!) first occupations, like these: #firstsevenjobs construction, bus boy, cafeteria server, library data entry, futon frame maker, … read more

Hamilton, the Young Entrepreneur?

Unless you’ve been living under a soundproof rock this year, you’ve undoubtedly heard, seen, read, or hummed along to buzz about a man who hasn’t actually made news for several hundred years. His name, of course, is Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton. … read more

A Biz Kid Guide to Brexit

Brexwhat?! If you’re like most of us, you’ve been bombarded with word of Brexit in the last week. The vote, the outcome, and the uncertain future. But what’s all the fuss about, anyway? Why is all of this such a big … read more

Saying Goodbye to Debt

Debt. Is it good or bad? Useful or evil? That depends on who you ask. Some will call it a tool. Others, a trap. Our episode, Debt: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” raised that very question. One clip … read more

The Authors of “$100 to $1,000,000” on Making Kids Rich

This week, Biz Kid$ crossed a very exciting milestone. The Emmy-winning public television series launched a new platform: print! “$100 to $1,000,000: Earn! Save! Invest!” is a comprehensive guide for kids to the basics of earning, saving, spending, and investing … read more

Striking it Rich (With No Regrets)

The last few weeks of news cycles have been saturated with a piece of news that would affect just three people in the entire world: a billion-dollar lottery jackpot. Jackpots like these bring out similar questions in us all: What would I do if … read more

That Fickle, Fickle Stock Market

If you had been in a coma for seven years and turned on the news last week, you probably thought no time had passed at all. The stock market was falling hundreds of points, and images of traders, heads in … read more

Did you Know? Ten Outstanding Biz Kid$ Resources

Did you know that you should save more than you spend? Probably. Did you know that the money you save by not buying that expensive mocha could add up to quite the nest egg when you’re older? Ya, you probably … read more

A Bank for Cheese

Do you love the smell of money? What does your money smell like? How about Parmesan? Or Cheddar? We know that currencies come in all shapes and sizes, but did you know that in Italy, there’s a bank that accepts … read more

Catching up with Biz Kid Amanda

Hello Biz Kids! Biz Kid Amanda, here! Four months ago, I came back to Washington from living a year in Spain as an Au Pair. I lived there to experience a new culture and practice teaching English as a second … read more

Making a Big Purchase, Wedding Edition

I am getting married in 67 days. I can hardly believe it. After months of planning, budgeting, and purchasing, the day is finally approaching. Over the past few months of being engaged, my fiancé and I have probably made 37 … read more

The Wild World of Money Alternatives

What is a dollar? Is it a piece of paper? A number in an account? Have you heard of the Bitcoin in recent years? What is that, then? The Bitcoin is one of a number of money alternatives being tried … read more