Advertising: You are the Target!

Think for a moment about the last 5 marketing messages that came before your eyes. Was it difficult or easy? 50 years ago, you would have gone back a couple hours in your memory. Perhaps to the newspaper ads you … read more

What habit has saved you the most amount of money?

Live on a budget? Pay yourself first?  Cut up your credit cards? Check out the answers on    

What Happens to Old Money

What if I told you that every day, someone destroys more than four TONS of cash? It’s true! The treasury department collects dirty or damaged dollar bills and shreds them into confetti-sized pieces at a rate of up to $1,000,000 … read more

Why is the dollar green?

In the 1800’s, new photography technology was being used to make illegal copies of the dollar. As a result, the treasury department sought to invent a system for keeping the dollar from being copied. At that time, the illegal copies … read more

How coins got their grooves

Many decades ago, all coins were made from solid gold or silver. The amount of metal used in the coin was equal to its value ($10 of gold in a $10 gold coin, etc.) Before coins’ edges had ridges, dishonest … read more

Where did the term ‘Piggy Bank’ come from?

Ever wonder why we don’t have ‘Doggie Banks’ instead of ‘Piggy Banks’?  The term comes from a reddish clay used for making pottery in the Middle Ages, called ‘pygg’.  Money was often kept in jars or pots made of pygg. … read more