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Biz Kid$ 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for the young entrepreneur in your life? We’re here to help. We’ve assembled a number of our favorite gifts for the Biz Kids in your life. Some are products made by young entrepreneurs, and others are gifts perfect for giving to young entrepreneurs. Either … read more

Biz Kid$ Celebrates #DayoftheGirl

On this international #DayoftheGirl, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate. Over our six seasons of profiling incredible young entrepreneurs, we’ve met some of the most inspiring, creative, determined, and passionate girls from all walks of life. Today, we’ll … read more

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The Domino Artist Making a Living by Knocking Things Down

She has 2 million subscribers, has set multiple world records, and regularly (and intentionally) destroys her work. Her name is Lily Hevesh, a YouTube star with an unusual hobby-turned-career: domino art. Better known as Hevesh5, Lily’s creations have mesmerized her … read more

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It’s Official: Better to be a Kardashian than General Electric

It’s been a busy month for counters of all kinds. The Forbes list just released its latest list of the country’s richest women. And guess who made the list this year? Kylie Jenner, of Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame. … read more

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Celebrating National Ice Cream Month

July has finally arrived! And with it, fireworks, flags, and freedom. But did you know that July is also National Ice Cream Month? It is, and at Biz Kid$, we’re celebrating the mouth-watering month the way we know best: with … read more

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The Lemonade Stand Kid Goes Retail

First, he was a Biz Kid. Then, he was on Shark Tank. And now, Jack Bonneau (of Jack’s Lemonade fame) is going regional. At twelve years old, the young entrepreneur just signed a deal with 35 stores who will soon … read more

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6 Ways to Use Those 6 Extra Weeks of Winter

Today, it happened. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and six more weeks of winter were predicted. Groans could be heard around the world. But wait just a minute. You’re a Biz Kid! Sure, springtime brings lemonade stands and sunshine, but … read more

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Overcoming the Odds

Many decades ago, a young illustrator was fired from the Kansas City Star for a lack of creativity. In Baltimore, a young aspiring broadcaster was told she was unfit for television. The first went by the name Walt Disney. The … read more

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New Year’s Resolutions, Biz Kid$ Style

Happy 2018, Biz Kid! If you’re like most of us, the new year rings in a long list of goals, hopes, and dreams. Need some resolution inspiration? Borrow some of these, and check our our resources to back them up. … read more

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2018’s Hottest Gifts for Young Entrepreneurs

The holidays are upon us! As gift-giving season goes into full swing, we’ve gathered some of our favorite gifts for the aspiring Biz Kids in your life. Steve Jobs Lego Figure The world’s most famous entrepreneur now comes in Lego … read more

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It’s Time to Talk Retirement, Kid

Retirement. For most kids, it’s literally the last thing on their mind. After all, why think of the end of your career when it’s just beginning? The answer comes down to the power of compound interest. A dollar saved today … read more

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Spooktacular Biz Kid$ Video Roundup

Halloween is just a week away! As all teachers know, grabbing your students’ attention on a holiday is no easy task. Engaging video content? That’s a step. Engaging video content that’s also Emmy-winning and Halloween-themed? Now we’re talking. We’ve created … read more

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