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New Year’s Resolutions, Biz Kid$ Style

Happy 2018, Biz Kid! If you’re like most of us, the new year rings in a long list of goals, hopes, and dreams. Need some resolution inspiration? Borrow some of these, and check our our resources to back them up. … read more

Steve jobs in a black and white photo.

The World According to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs. Arguably the most impactful inventor, designer, and entrepreneur of our time. His fill line the pockets, ears, and hands of people around the world. And his words continue to inspire entrepreneurs six years after his death. Today, we … read more

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The World’s 5 Best Mistakes

Next time to really mess up, pat yourself on the back. You may have just discovered the world’s next billion-dollar idea. We’re all hard on ourselves when we make a mistake. But history is full of examples of happy accidents. … read more

Mira mod, a young woman, sits in a chair in front of a desk.

Turning Problems into Profit

Listen to this business model: an 11-year-old girl heard the repetitive news about passwords being stolen and compromised, and started a business creating passwords for people. While others were worrying and complaining, Mira not only found a solution to their … read more

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Cnn's teen change font saves millions.

A 14-Year-Old’s Simple Idea To Save The Government $136 Million

Open the newspaper to the politics section on any given day, and you’re likely to find something about budget cuts. The United States budget is a controversial topic, so much so that it caused the government to shut down completely … read more

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When the Next Big Thing is Hundreds of Years Old

Razors have been around for hundreds of years. Some would say, “whatever can be done has been done.” So why is a year-old company called Harry’s entering this well-established market? What could they possibly gain? Well, it turns out, they’re … read more

A boy is riding a skateboard in a parking lot.

The Innovative Race to First

There is a much-loved term in the world of entrepreneurship called “first mover advantage.” The first mover advantage is the head start that is gained by being the very first person to enter a market or create a product. Steve … read more

Students Changing the World Again!

THE COPPENHAGEN WHEEL – Students at MIT are about to change the world of transportation (and start a new business) with their new invention called The Copenhagen Wheel.  This is a great example of thinking outside the box! They developed a … read more