New Year’s Resolutions, Biz Kid$ Style

Happy 2018, Biz Kid! If you’re like most of us, the new year rings in a long list of goals, hopes, and dreams. Need some resolution inspiration? Borrow some of these, and check our our resources to back them up.

Save More

At the end of a year, we all wish we saved more. Those impulse buys have lost their luster, and our slim safety net makes us fearful for the future unknowns. A few simple tips can be the difference between savings goals and savings success. Here’s how Biz Kid host Kaelon built up major savings while living in LA:

Spend Less

A first step in saving more? Spending less! One of the keys to spending less is understanding the marketing ploys around you everyday. In other words, understanding that You are the Target!

Turn that Idea into Reality

The back of the napkin is a fabulous place for an idea to start. But to turn it into reality, you’ll need a plan, Stan. Use our free business plan template to take that next step.

Grow Your Money

Money makes money? You bet. With compound interest on your side, your money can earn money while you do nothing but wait. Whataya say you grow yours in 2018? Our book, How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 is chock full of practicals and inspiration!

Get out of Debt

If you have credit card debt, few things can feel as overwhelming, and few achievements can be as liberating as paying it off. Take it from one ambitious DJ:

Escape the Box

Isn’t it about time you bucked convention and escaped the box? Thinking creativity is easier said than done. But our free lesson plan and activity sheet are the perfect partner to our episode on the subject.