The Domino Artist Making a Living by Knocking Things Down

The Domino Artist Making a Living by Knocking Things Down


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A room with a lot of different colored blocks on the floor.

She has 2 million subscribers, has set multiple world records, and regularly (and intentionally) destroys her work. Her name is Lily Hevesh, a YouTube star with an unusual hobby-turned-career: domino art.

Better known as Hevesh5, Lily’s creations have mesmerized her millions of subscribers and caught the attention of major brands who have paid her to incorporate their logos and  marketing campaigns into her art.

Lily says that the creative outlet teaches her more than appears on the surface. “As a domino builder, you have to learn to get through fails,” she says. “Safety gaps” are installed to limit colorful disasters during construction. And bouncing back from failure has been invaluable to her success.

Recently, Lily paused her college education upon realizing “I don’t need a degree to do what I’m doing. I already have the job that I want.” The controversial move is one faced by many entrepreneurs. For more perspectives, check out our recent episode, College Bound.

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