Overcoming the Odds

Many decades ago, a young illustrator was fired from the Kansas City Star for a lack of creativity. In Baltimore, a young aspiring broadcaster was told she was unfit for television. The first went by the name Walt Disney. The second, Oprah Winfrey.

Sometimes, a person achieves success in a strike of luck and good timing. But more often than not, success is the result of overcoming setbacks, obstacles, and disappointment.

A number of the impressive Biz Kids we’ve profiled over the years have overcome incredible odds in their determined paths to becoming entrepreneurs. Here are a few of our favorite stories:

Painter Jeff Hanson

Born with a rare disease that impairs his eyesight, Jeff didn’t let that prevent him from creating art from his grand visions.

Lonnie’s Young Cuts

After Lonnie was robbed, he moved on, built a thriving barbershop business, and learned to budget.


The Debt-Free DJ

Crippling debt can squash the dreams of even the strongest among us. But not this determined DJ.


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