Celebs Who’ve Lost Millions

Celebs Who’ve Lost Millions


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Celebrities, they’re just like us! In some cases, that means they make foolish financial decisions. It turns out that even the wealthiest among us can get into money trouble if they don’t watch their spending. Here are a few of the stars who’ve lost control of their financial independence:

Johnny Depp

What do you do if you’re a world famous actor? If you’re Johnny Depp, you buy houses. 14 of them. And a 150-foot yacht. And 12 storage facilities full of memorabilia. The bill for all of this? $75 million. The wild spending allegedly got Depp into deep financial trouble.

Lisa Marie Presley

You’d think Elvis’s daughter would have a comfortable life. She did–$100 million comfortable. But the famous daughter claims that her money manager kept her out of the money loop. Her current nest egg? $14,000.

50 Cent

Once among the world’s richest rappers, the former half-billionaire had $36 million in debt in 2015 and only $20 million in assets to cover them. He filed for bankruptcy.

Willie Nelson

One of the world’s most recognizable hippies had the US government after his assets in 1990. Uncle Sam took properties in six states after owning millions in back taxes.

Wheel of Misfortune

Money mistakes can get the best of any of us. Just ask the contestants of our beloved game show, Wheel of Misfortune!

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