A man kneeling in front of a group of children.

Changing the World Through Entrepreneurship

We all want to change the world. Some channel this desire into their professions by becoming nurses, doctors, or philanthropists. Others fulfill their longing through hobbies, volunteering for causes they support. For many years, those of us with entrepreneurial flair were … read more

A collage of photos showing a boy with a hockey helmet in a box.

Biz Kids See Lacrosse Need as Opportunity

What happens when two young lacrosse players live in a community without a lacrosse store? Well if those two young people are Biz Kids, they start one. That’s just what happened when Malik and Micah, 13- and 10-year old lacrosse-playing … read more

12 year old saves Grandma’s house from foreclosure

Check out Noah’s Dream Catcher Network, built by a budding 12-year old philanthropist.  Noah’s goal is to help people help each other.  Last year he even raised over $10,000 to prevent his Grandma’s home from being foreclosed.  Now that boy … read more