The Little Girl Granting Little Wishes

Last summer, an 11-year-old girl spent the day with her mom at work.

Next summer, people around Arkansas will have their dreams fulfilled because of her.

Here’s what happened in between.

Ruby Chitsey is the daughter of a nurse practitioner at a nursing home in Harrison, Arkansas. When she accompanied her mom to work last summer, she got to know some of the complex’s residents. Eventually, she noticed a pattern: they couldn’t afford the simple things they needed or wanted.

Ruby stepped up to the plate, asking residents to make a wish. Their answers weren’t fancy: Dr. Pepper, pants, a new book. Ruby was determined to grant their wishes, one simple request at a time.

Her mom helped her create a GoFundMe account to fund their wishes, and what happened next was nothing short of awesome. People from all over the world joined forced to pull together more than $93,000. Now, those simple requests are getting fulfilled.

Ruby’s story is remarkable, but it’s also repeatable. What can you learn from her story, Biz Kid? What’s a cause that’s important to you? Your problem solving could improve a day, a week, or even a life.

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