A poster with the words'como logar objetivos financieros'.

Biz Kid$ Resources en Español

Did you know that Biz Kid$ has a robust collection of FREE resources in Spanish? We do! We’ve even prepared a “Did you Know?” video to tell you all about them: Finding them on our site is simple. 1. Click … read more

A man speaking at a podium in front of a ford logo.

A $146 Billion Family Business

What comes to mind when you think of a family-run business? Kitchen table meetings? Homemade lunches? Father/son arguments over strategy? How about $146 billion in revenue and a brand that’s recognized around the world? If that didn’t come to your … read more

A man and woman talking at a table.

It’s a Job to Get a Job!

Resumes, applications, and interviews, oh my! Hunting for your first job is a feat in itself, and it pays to be prepared. Biz Kid$ Season 5 has just begun to air around the country, and one of our new episodes, … read more

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Real Biz Kid$ Scripts: Money Personalities

  At Biz Kid$, a lot of work goes into researching content for each episode. For the first episode of Season 5, the writing team found inspiration in an article about “money personalities.” What’s a money personality, you ask? Well, your money … read more

Four people posing for a photo at the emmy awards.

Biz Kid$ at the Daytime Emmy Awards

Here are a few pics of Biz Kid$ at the recent Daytime Emmy Awards.  We were nominated in three categories – directing, single camera photography, and sound design thanks to Bad Animals.  Unfortunately we didn’t win, but it was still … read more