A person is holding up a phone with the fortnite logo on it.

The Fortnite Mistake That Netted a Family $25K

When Tyler Sullivan was ten years old, his mom approached him with a mystery: $200 in small charges had appeared on her credit card statement from Apple. This, after Tyler had become obsessed with the game Fortnite. Coincidence? Tyler insisted … read more

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The Kid Who Crafted a Million Dollar Sock

Sometimes, the simplest ideas can have the biggest rewards. Take the sock, for example. A simple search of the US patent database results in 46,000 results. So what can you possibly do with a sock that hasn’t been done? A … read more

A template for a marketing plan.

Announcing All-New Biz Resources!

At Biz Kid$, we’re always looking for fresh ways to equip you with the tools you need to build a thriving business. Well, we have an exciting new set of resources for you that we think will do just that! … read more

12 year old saves Grandma’s house from foreclosure

Check out Noah’s Dream Catcher Network, built by a budding 12-year old philanthropist.  Noah’s goal is to help people help each other.  Last year he even raised over $10,000 to prevent his Grandma’s home from being foreclosed.  Now that boy … read more

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Funding Your Idea

One of the biggest challenges for any young entrepreneur is the money problem. How do you take your idea from dream to reality while making barely enough money to pay for gas for your car or tickets to the movies? … read more