Landing That Summer Job

Summer is a time of swimming pools, lemonade stands, and sleeping in. But it’s also a fabulous opportunity to make some money and learn a few new skills. Landing the ideal summer job requires a bit of searching, a willing spirit, and a flexible mindset.

Usually, short-term jobs are also seasonal jobs. Consider the work is needed only in the summer: lifeguards, ice cream scoopers, and the like. For those willing to think—and work—outside the box, The Seattle Times just unveiled a list of some of the more unusual summer jobs. Among them: worm farmer, corn detasseler, and mosquito killer.

At Biz Kid$, we spend plenty of time focused on self-employed teens. But getting a summer job is a fabulous experience as well. Here are a few of the entrepreneurial kids we’ve profiled who just so happen to work for someone else:

Fabulous Coaches

Pumpkin Farm

Caity Kauffman

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