The Cost of College: $0?

The Cost of College: $0?


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The medical school at NYU announced this week that it was making tuition freefor all students, regardless of financial situation or merit. If that sounds like a big deal, it is. Tuition at the school has been more than $55,000 per year. It’s a bold move, and a major development in the skyrocketing world of college tuition.

Feeling bad for those who missed the cut? They thought of that, too. Even current students are receiving the grant. Talk about a clean bill of health!

We recently devoted an entire episode to the topic of college costs, hearing from all sides of the debate.

We heard from Andrew, a senior in college who had over $40,000 in debt. His take? It’s an investment.

And we also got a friendly reminder of the burden of debt, thanks to a familiar voice.

How does that affect your view of college, Biz Kid? Does NYU’s move make you more likely to enter the medical field?

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