Two men skydiving in a blue and yellow helmet

Entrepreneurship is peaking. Ready to take the plunge?

Let’s face it: stats calculating…anything…from the last two years haven’t given us much to celebrate. But today, we’re throwing confetti over a truly awesome development just declared in Inc. Magazine. Ready for the inspiring news? Here it is: 2022 was … read more

Two girls are holding parrots in their hands.

Two Sisters Turn Love for Nature into Educational Game

9- and 13-year olds Athia and Maia Strohm turned their passion for the outdoors into a business, creating an educational card game company called Two Sisters in the Wild. Today’s guest post features a Q&A between the girls and their father, Jason Strohm. Q: … read more

Two men posing in front of a building.

Catching up with Young Moguls Brand

The business-savvy guys at Young Moguls Brand were featured on our show for their “Making Money for Teens” CD’s and books on financial management. Today we’re catching up with them and talking about their current business, Young Moguls Brand clothing. … read more

A screen shot of an ethics page.

What is “Business Ethics,” anyway?

What is business ethics? Is it a moral standard? Is it a universal set of rules, or is it personal to each of us? Is it a matter just for people involved in high-stakes deals, or for all of us? … read more

A man is working on a car in a garage.

The Sharing Movement: Breakthrough for Teen Entrepreneurs

Bootstrapping. Lean iteration. Crowdsourcing. All three of these terms have become buzzwords recently, as part of a growing movement of entrepreneurship that seeks to get to market quickly, committing to as little initial infrastructure and investment as possible. The idea … read more

A young girl in a green and purple outfit posing for a photo.

This 10-Year-Old Triathlete Already Has a Portfolio of Businesses

For every issue, there are people who fuel the problem, others who stand by and do nothing, and finally people who stand up and work to make a change. Morgan Lapp is a member of the third group, and she’s … read more