Catching up with Young Moguls Brand


The business-savvy guys at Young Moguls Brand were featured on our show for their “Making Money for Teens” CD’s and books on financial management. Today we’re catching up with them and talking about their current business, Young Moguls Brand clothing.

1. What have you been up to since we last heard from you?

Since we were last on Biz Kid$, we have started a new clothing line called Young Moguls Brand. It’s an urban clothing line that carries a positive message of entrepreneurship. We started this movement because we thought that fashion and clothing was a great way to spread this message to teens in a way that they can relate to.

2. Is your business still running?

Most of our focus in on the clothing line now, but we still sell our Making Money For Teens CD series and our two books, Who Needs an Allowance? and Teenpreneur Marketing Guide. We also do speaking engagements for events and schools on the topics that we taught in our financial education products.

3. What challenges have you faced in your business since we last spoke?

It was challenging putting all the pieces together when we first started Young Moguls Brand. We had raise enough money to pay for the initial expenses and get our first products. We had a hard time finding a reliable and affordable manufacturer to work with in the beginning. The process was very long, but we stayed committed and it payed off. Now the brand is expanding into different areas across the country.

4. Any exciting successes you want to share?

The Young Moguls Brand movement has started to become nationally recognized. We have gotten the opportunity to be featured in Essence, JET, and The Root’s 2015 Young Futurists. We are also excited to be apart of the Fall 2015 TrepStart Digital Tour, a nine city entrepreneurship tour done by Independent Youth and Google.

5. Did being on Biz Kid$ help your business?

Being featured on Biz Kid$ was an amazing opportunity for us. It gave us a chance to spread our teen entrepreneurship message and publicize our business. Biz Kid$ is a great source of financial information for teens. We are grateful that we got to be apart of it and learn from its resources.

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