Two girls are holding parrots in their hands.

Two Sisters Turn Love for Nature into Educational Game

9- and 13-year olds Athia and Maia Strohm turned their passion for the outdoors into a business, creating an educational card game company called Two Sisters in the Wild. Today’s guest post features a Q&A between the girls and their father, Jason Strohm. Q: … read more

Two men posing in front of a building.

Catching up with Young Moguls Brand

The business-savvy guys at Young Moguls Brand were featured on our show for their “Making Money for Teens” CD’s and books on financial management. Today we’re catching up with them and talking about their current business, Young Moguls Brand clothing. … read more

Biz Kid on the Go: Episode 4

We’re checking back in with Biz Kid$ host Austin for another installment of “Biz Kid on the Go!”

Biz Kid on the Go: Episode 1: Austin talks Money Mistakes

Biz Kid$ Host Austin is hitting the road, asking his friends about their financial missteps! We all make money mistakes, and we can learn from the mistakes of others. Hear what Austin and his friends have to say, and tell … read more

Heading to college? Credit card tips for freshmen…..

Here’s a link to some great tips on credit that they don’t teach you in high school:

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Kaelon Reports from the Emmys!

Today we bring you a very special guest post by our beloved Biz Kid$ Host, Kaelon! Kaelon recently traveled to the Emmys with Biz Kid$, and is giving you a look behind the scenes. Take it away, Kaelon. Well in … read more

What Determines Your Car Insurance Rates?

What Determines Your Car Insurance Rates? By Guest Blogger Murray Newlands   Credit reports are increasingly utilized by people across the country in determining their credit score. Times are tough and we’re all trying to save money in anyway that … read more