Entrepreneurship is peaking. Ready to take the plunge?

Let’s face it: stats calculating…anything…from the last two years haven’t given us much to celebrate. But today, we’re throwing confetti over a truly awesome development just declared in Inc. Magazine.

Ready for the inspiring news? Here it is: 2022 was the second-most popular year for entrepreneurship since the beginning of record-keeping. A whopping 5 million applications were submitted by aspiring entrepreneurs – 5 million of the most diverse group of risk-taking, goal-setting, world-changing innovators our country has seen in some time.

Whatever the reason for the rise, one thing is certain: those seeking to launch a business of their own are in good company. Are you among them? Today, we’re launching a three-part series just for you. Today’s installment is for those of you who have the entrepreneurial itch but aren’t sure what to do with it. Without further ado, here are ten ideas for a kid aspiring to start a business of their own:

  1. Lemonade stand: Sure, the warm weather isn’t here yet. But some creative prep now will give you a leg up come spring and summer. This classic business model requires only a few ingredients and a little entrepreneurial spirit. (Just want to practice? Our Dollar-a-Glass game is free — and won’t keep you waiting for warmer weather.)

  2. Pet-sitting service: If you love animals, this is a cuddly way to earn money by taking care of pets while their owners are away. Just be sure to loop your parents into your plans and listen to their input about safety.

  3. Gardening service: Wish you could profit from your love for the outdoors? Starting a gardening business can be a refreshing way to earn money (and get exercise, too!) From weeding to debris cleanup, getting your hands dirty could have you cleaning up at the same time.

  4. Car washing service: With little more than a bucket, soap, hose, and some fluorescent poster board signs, you can launch a neighborhood car washing service. Even more fun? Including your friends in the endeavor.

  5. Bake sale: For those who love to bake, starting a bake sale is a tasty way to put your culinary skills to the test and earn some pocket change. (Just make sure you know what your expenses so you’re actually making a profit! Our Profit Worksheet will help you run the numbers.)

  6. Craft sale: If you find yourself regularly taking compliments for creativity, take your handiwork to the sidewalk or local art fair to offer your handmade creations for sale.

  7. Tutoring service: Perhaps you consider yourself more of a student than an entrepreneur. That has value, too! If you excel in a particular subject, starting a tutoring service is a great way to share your knowledge and earn money.

  8. Yard work service: Distinct from a gardening service, a yard work business can include lawnmowing, patio sweeping, raking and more.

  9. Recycling service: Some cities make recycling easy, but not all! If you live in a town that doesn’t pick up recyclables on a weekly business, starting a recycling pickup service can be a meaningful way to earn money and help the planet.

  10. Home cleaning service: Sure, you may not be a big fan of cleaning your own bedroom. But if organization sounds appealing at all, starting a home cleaning service is a tidy way to earn money while helping others keep their homes in tip-top shape. We’ve featured plenty of cleaning businesses over the years, like King’s Cleanup!