For every issue, there are people who fuel the problem, others who stand by and do nothing, and finally people who stand up and work to make a change. Morgan Lapp is a member of the third group, and she’s only ten years old.


Morgan is on a personal mission to encourage other kids to live healthy and active lifestyles that simultaneously better their environments. A triathlon runner, Morgan is part athlete, part Biz Kid. She runs her own plant-watering business in her neighborhood, and house sits as well.

“Morgan’s Watering Service” takes care of plants both indoor and out, while homeowners are away. The business is in its third year and is thriving. In busy weeks, Morgan balances as many as six clients at once, riding her bicycle to each and spending 15-30 minutes watering plants at each property. This Biz Kid even takes care of the billing herself!

Morgan is not alone in her ambition; she comes from an equally entrepreneurial family. She was even the inspiration for her family’s meat replacement product, neat. Neat is a soy-free, gluten-free, shelf stable meat replacement product that her family created after Morgan decided to become a vegetarian.

As Morgan puts it, “it’s not meat, it’s neat!”

From running triathlons to watering plants to naming new product lines, we think Morgan is pretty neat, too.

We can all learn from Morgan’s ambition, optimism, and problem-solving attitude. What’s a problem you’ve seen that you’d like to solve? What are you passionate about? Chances are, others have felt the same pains as you, and you could be society’s answer!

Learn more about neat on YouTube here.

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