What Happens When You Give Back

Last year, Warren Buffett gave over $2.8 billion—yes, billion with a b—to charity. That’s the equivalent of treating every single person in America to a Chipotle burrito (with guac!) Why? Several years ago, he announced a plan to give away the vast majority of his wealth. Much of it is to be donated to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is ironically funded by the man whose wealth has been competing for years with Buffett’s for the largest in the world. His goal is to help cure the world’s most deadly diseases.

Wondering how this type of giving actually pans out? Well, remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? You may or not remember the mission behind it all: to raise money for scientific research targeting a cure for ALS. Well, the stunt went viral, and millions of dollars were raised. Now, a real result is in: a team discovered the gene responsible for ALS, a team funded by the charitable donations given in response to one cold, wet idea.

So what does this have to do with you, Biz Kid? As a young entrepreneur, you have the power to create value that can change the world. We’ve profiled several young Biz Kids who have used their businesses to change people’s lives. Here’s just a few:

Man Cans


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