Where are they now: Man Cans

Where are they now: Man Cans


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Do you smell that? That’s the smell of a manly scented candle. And that’s the smell of success. We first talked to Biz Kid Hart for a profile in episode 506. Hart had started a business making candles specially scented for the often overlooked male audience. At that time, he was still making each one by hand, using soup cans as containers and donating the emptied soup to local shelters.

Watch our original “Man Cans” profile below:


Well, Hart has grown up. His business is still thriving, and things have picked up so much that he’s outsourced production to a larger candle manufacturer. But his heart for giving back is still beating strong. His business has donated 100,000 cans of soup to date. And his efforts just earned him the title of 2015 Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Way to go, Hart. You’ll always be a Biz Kid.

Read all about Hart’s success–and his recent award–here.

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