Biz Kid on the Go: Episode 4

We’re checking back in with Biz Kid$ host Austin for another installment of “Biz Kid on the Go!”

Catching Up With Biz Kid$ Host Austin

Today’s post comes from guest blogger and former Biz Kid$ host Austin Siedentopf. Hey there Biz Kid$, Not too long ago I had to make a really tough decision, but taking control of my personal finances made the decision much … read more

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Biz Kid$ Host Amanda on Saving $$ in College

Hey Biz Kids! Amanda here, with a tip that could save you a lot of money during college! I am very fortunate that my wonderful parents pay for my college tuition, but I carry the responsibility of rent, bills, food, extra … read more

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Biz Kid$ Host Miriam Talks Money

Hey Biz Kid$!! Miriam here. It has been non-stop fun at the studio as we’ve been filming this season, however, some of the topics we’ve been talking about in our recent episodes have me thinking more seriously about my personal … read more

Biz Kid$ Host Austin’s Car Conundrum

Hey Biz Kid$! Austin here. I’d like to tell you guys about the importance of reading everything. I know I’m supposed to read everything on a document before I sign it, but I never thought about reading traffic signs. Let me tell … read more

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Bizkids $$ Money $$

As an actor on the show, not only am I being paid but I’m also learning what to do with the money I make.  Back in first season when I received my first check, I deposited it directly into savings.  From that … read more