Biz Kid$ Host Miriam Talks Money

Hey Biz Kid$!! Miriam here. It has been non-stop fun at the studio as we’ve been filming this season, however, some of the topics we’ve been talking about in our recent episodes have me thinking more seriously about my personal financial life. I am going into my last year of college this fall, and while the past three years have been about adjusting to living on my own, learning how to share an apartment with roommates, and budgeting for school expenses, this year I will be approaching the inevitable: the REAL world. It seems so overwhelming!

I’ve come to realize that becoming a “grown-up” in the real world doesn’t happen overnight. Growing up is a gradual process! Every year of my life I have experiences that help me become more responsible and more independent. And some things will always stay the same: I will still have to budget to live within my means, be mindful of the effects of advertising, and be sure to pay my bills on time. I find that trusting that I am a capable, smart, and savvy person helps me to feel more confident about the next stage of my life. And because you’re a Biz Kid, you can trust that too!!