Biz Kid$ Host Austin’s Car Conundrum

Hey Biz Kid$! Austin here. I’d like to tell you guys about the importance of reading everything. I know I’m supposed to read everything on a document before I sign it, but I never thought about reading traffic signs. Let me tell the story. Two days ago, some friends of mine and I went to go perform magic in the streets of Seattle and see if we couldn’t get some passers-by to drop some bills in a hat we had on the ground. I’d just finished shooting here at the studio and went to go pick my friends up in my car. At 2:00 we parked on a street and I paid for my spot. We performed, and had a blast, but when we returned we couldn’t find the car! I looked more closely at the sign I had parked next to and realized I hadn’t read it thoroughly. The sign clearly mentioned that my parking spot had to be clear at 3:00 for a bus lane and that my car had been towed. The Devil is in the details!

My friends and I trekked across the city via bus to retrieve my car from the towing company, and it cost me $210! I tried to barter with the teller; “I’ll show you something magical if you waive my bill” The company didn’t take to kindly to that notion. Sighing, I pulled out my debit card to pay for the service. Luckily, I have a saving account and had some emergency cash on hand. As I was about to leave the teller presented me with an additional $40 ticket from the city. In total the day’s toll came to a crippling sum of about $250. We had made $15 performing in the streets. I only have to make and save $235 to make up the difference. It really pays to read the fine print.