Real Biz Kid$ Scripts: Money Personalities


At Biz Kid$, a lot of work goes into researching content for each episode. For the first episode of Season 5, the writing team found inspiration in an article about “money personalities.” What’s a money personality, you ask? Well, your money personality is the way you tend to handle your spending, saving, and buying habits.

Are you a penny-pincher in the little things but a big spender on big items? We call that being “penny wise, pound foolish.” The Biz Kid talking in the script to the left definitely fits this bill. Do you like to show off your latest purchase? That’s a “money star” move. Check out Investopedia’s quiz on money personalities here.

This week, we’re giving you a behind the scenes look at a real script from the first episode of Season 5.

As you can see, show scripts include notes about the set, lines for actors, and are often added to even as rehearsal begins. A team of hard-working writers, producers, set builders, artists, photographers, and directors run through every script prior to taping to make sure everyone is ready for the big day. This week’s script comes from Episode 501: What’s Your Money Personality? To see when the episode will air in your town, check out our tool at Check back in the coming weeks for even more behind the scenes scripts from Biz Kid$!