Biz Kid$ Host Miriam Talks Money

Hey Biz Kid$!! Miriam here. It has been non-stop fun at the studio as we’ve been filming this season, however, some of the topics we’ve been talking about in our recent episodes have me thinking more seriously about my personal … read more

Biz Kid$ Host Austin’s Car Conundrum

Hey Biz Kid$! Austin here. I’d like to tell you guys about the importance of reading everything. I know I’m supposed to read everything on a document before I sign it, but I never thought about reading traffic signs. Let me tell … read more

Welcome to the new and improved Biz Kid$ Website!

As you can see, a lot has been going on over the past few months as we’ve been working feverishly to get the new website up and running! There is a lot to explore, and we hope you’ll take some … read more