Did you Know? Ten Outstanding Biz Kid$ Resources

Did you know that you should save more than you spend? Probably. Did you know that the money you save by not buying that expensive mocha could add up to quite the nest egg when you’re older? Ya, you probably … read more

Catching up with Young Moguls Brand


The business-savvy guys at Young Moguls Brand were featured on our show for their “Making Money for Teens” CD’s and books on financial management. Today we’re catching up with them and talking about their current business, Young Moguls Brand clothing. … read more

New Game Alert! Break the Bank!


BizKidz just launched a new game: Break the Bank! Can you defeat Mr. Boar and save your community bank?

Where are They Now: DK Arts


We featured Dylan of DK Arts on our show years ago. (Watch it here.) Today, we’re hearing an update on his life and work, written by Terri Rose, Dylan’s business manager, friend and mother. Having the ability to reference Dylan’s life … read more

A Journey in Paying for College, Part 2

Lemonade Stand Clown

This is part two of a two-part series. For part one, click here. When I opened my email during the summer before my Junior year of college, I was met with an alarming surprise. The email was from the foundation … read more

Student Loans Paid, and Oh the Journey it Was

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.40.28 AM

Last week, I did something I’d been trying to accomplish for four years: I paid off my student loans. For me, this was a milestone not just because I had finished paying off $14,000 in debt. It marked the end … read more

A Bank for Cheese


Do you love the smell of money? What does your money smell like? How about Parmesan? Or Cheddar? We know that currencies come in all shapes and sizes, but did you know that in Italy, there’s a bank that accepts … read more

What is “Business Ethics,” anyway?

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 2.16.04 PM

What is business ethics? Is it a moral standard? Is it a universal set of rules, or is it personal to each of us? Is it a matter just for people involved in high-stakes deals, or for all of us? … read more

Biz Kid on the Go: Kaelon on Budgeting


Kaelon talks about the importance of budgeting.

Biz Kid on the Go: Kaelon just bought a car!


Biz Kid Kaelon just bought a car! Check out part 1 of his adventures in negotiation in his new video.

Catching up with Amanda, Part 2


This is a continuation of our guest blog series from Biz Kid$ host Amanda. After a few days back in the states, I applied for three restaurant jobs. Each restaurant offered me a job due to my five years of waitressing … read more

Catching up with Biz Kid Amanda


Hello Biz Kids! Biz Kid Amanda, here! Four months ago, I came back to Washington from living a year in Spain as an Au Pair. I lived there to experience a new culture and practice teaching English as a second … read more