iThings: Having Discretion When You are the Target


It’s happening again. There’s a new iPhone out, and with it, a release of excitement and consumerism throughout the land. It’s amazing how quickly we can go from not knowing something existed to not being able to live without it, … read more

Why a Woman Quit Her Job in front of 18 million people

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Have you heard of Marina Shifrin? Chances are, you have. She’s the woman who quit her job by posting a video on YouTube of her dancing to Kanye West’s hit, “Gone.” The story most have already heard is that she … read more

A $40,000 Piggy Bank: NCUF Takes Biz Kid$ Into Schools


Silver State Schools Credit Union (SSSCU) helped elementary students learn the importance of saving through its innovative program, “The Piggy Bank Project”. At the end of the school year, students at Walter Bracken Elementary saved just over $40,000. SSSCU received … read more

Two Steps Ahead: Spreading the message of Biz Kid$ to Future Teachers


Empowering students with to be financially literate and entrepreneurial is our passion at Biz Kid$. As such, we are thrilled about a new partnership that is expanding our ability to reach teens by empowering the teachers that will be educating … read more

Biz Kid on the Go: Episode 5: Rent

We’re checking back in with Biz Kid$ host Austin for another installment of “Biz Kid on the Go!”

Where Are They Now: Elementeo

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  Today, we’re launching a new blog series called “Where are They Now” in which we track down some of your favorite Biz Kids from years gone by, and hear what’s been going on in their businesses and lives! Today, … read more

Making a Big Purchase, Wedding Edition


I am getting married in 67 days. I can hardly believe it. After months of planning, budgeting, and purchasing, the day is finally approaching. Over the past few months of being engaged, my fiancé and I have probably made 37 … read more

This 10-Year-Old Triathlete Already Has a Portfolio of Businesses


For every issue, there are people who fuel the problem, others who stand by and do nothing, and finally people who stand up and work to make a change. Morgan Lapp is a member of the third group, and she’s … read more

Announcing All-New Biz Resources!

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At Biz Kid$, we’re always looking for fresh ways to equip you with the tools you need to build a thriving business. Well, we have an exciting new set of resources for you that we think will do just that! … read more

Biz Kid on the Go: Episode 4

We’re checking back in with Biz Kid$ host Austin for another installment of “Biz Kid on the Go!”

Biz Kid on the Go: Episode 3

Biz Kid$ host Austin is taking on a familiar subject for many: the Bank of Mom & Dad.

Biz Kid on the Go: Catching up with Austin, Part 2

Austin’s complicated income led to $700 in debt when he didn’t have a clear budget. We’re checking in with Austin on how he’s balancing college, work, and budgeting!