Where Are They Now: Elementeo

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  Today, we’re launching a new blog series called “Where are They Now” in which we track down some of your favorite Biz Kids from years gone by, and hear what’s been going on in their businesses and lives! Today, … read more

Making a Big Purchase, Wedding Edition


I am getting married in 67 days. I can hardly believe it. After months of planning, budgeting, and purchasing, the day is finally approaching. Over the past few months of being engaged, my fiancé and I have probably made 37 … read more

This 10-Year-Old Triathlete Already Has a Portfolio of Businesses


For every issue, there are people who fuel the problem, others who stand by and do nothing, and finally people who stand up and work to make a change. Morgan Lapp is a member of the third group, and she’s … read more

Announcing All-New Biz Resources!

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At Biz Kid$, we’re always looking for fresh ways to equip you with the tools you need to build a thriving business. Well, we have an exciting new set of resources for you that we think will do just that! … read more

Biz Kid on the Go: Episode 4

We’re checking back in with Biz Kid$ host Austin for another installment of “Biz Kid on the Go!”

Biz Kid on the Go: Episode 3

Biz Kid$ host Austin is taking on a familiar subject for many: the Bank of Mom & Dad.

Biz Kid on the Go: Catching up with Austin, Part 2

Austin’s complicated income led to $700 in debt when he didn’t have a clear budget. We’re checking in with Austin on how he’s balancing college, work, and budgeting!  

Cashing in on the…toast fortune?


A few weeks ago, my girlfriend’s mom mentioned that cupcakes were the new fad. I (foolishly) quickly jumped into the conversation, exclaiming that cupcakes had been a fad for years and were definitely old news. The new fad, I exclaimed, was … read more

A 14-Year-Old’s Simple Idea To Save The Government $136 Million

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Open the newspaper to the politics section on any given day, and you’re likely to find something about budget cuts. The United States budget is a controversial topic, so much so that it caused the government to shut down completely … read more

Biz Kid on the Go: Austin talks Money Mistakes

Biz Kid$ Host Austin is hitting the road, asking his friends about their financial missteps! We all make money mistakes, and we can learn from the mistakes of others. Hear what Austin and his friends have to say, and tell … read more

Catching Up With Biz Kid$ Host Austin

Today’s post comes from guest blogger and former Biz Kid$ host Austin Siedentopf. Hey there Biz Kid$, Not too long ago I had to make a really tough decision, but taking control of my personal finances made the decision much … read more

The Wild World of Money Alternatives

Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins

What is a dollar? Is it a piece of paper? A number in an account? Have you heard of the Bitcoin in recent years? What is that, then? The Bitcoin is one of a number of money alternatives being tried … read more