We bust the myths surrounding credit and debt. Learn all about credit scores, loans, and that pesky plastic. Credit can be a tool, but it can also get you into a world of hurt! Know your facts and your financial future will thank you.

You’ll Learn How To

  • When to use cash, debit, or credit
  • How to build good credit
  • How to manage your credit score
  • The impact of too much debt
  • How to get out of debt

Episodes Included:


Credit and Debt Video Bundle

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Video Clips & Lesson Plans for Credit & Debt

Two anchors at Biz Kids show
Lesson 1

Cash and Credit

What Students Learn

  • What's the difference between cash and credit? Learn the pros and cons to using your own money versus someone else's.
Couple talking to each other at garden
Lesson 2

How Credit Affects Your Life

What Students Learn

  • Your credit score could impact getting into college, landing a job, or renting an apartment. Learn how to build good credit and what happens when you don’t.
A boy is woking at laptop
Lesson 3

Using Your Credit

What Students Learn

  • Don’t live on borrowed time. Learn how employers, insurers, colleges, etc. use credit scores to make major decisions that affect your future.
Closeup image of women with silky hair
Lesson 4

My First Credit Card

What Students Learn

  • Biz Kid$ demystifies the process of getting a credit card, how to use it correctly, and explains terms like credit score and APR.
Portrait of a man something in mouth
Lesson 5

Debt: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

What Students Learn

  • It’s easy to spend more than you make. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of overspending and meet a few entrepreneurs who didn’t.