Summer Ventures: 5 Wacky Business Ideas for Teens

Summer Ventures: 5 Wacky Business Ideas for Teens



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Summer’s here, and while some teens are perfecting their tan lines, why not soak up some cash instead? Here’s five off-beat business ideas that’ll make summer sizzle with $$$ and success:

1. **Bedazzled Bike Brigade**:

Turn heads and pedal profits with a bedazzling business! Offer to bling out bikes with glitter, streamers, and LED lights. Kids will beg their parents for the coolest ride on the block, and you’ll be rolling in dough faster than you can say “bling bling.”

2. **Air Guitar Tutoring**:

Got mad air guitar skills? Share the love by offering air guitar tutoring sessions! Whether it’s teaching beginners the basics of shredding imaginary chords or helping seasoned air rockers perfect their stage presence, your expertise will have them riffing like pros in no time. If you want to see a real teen guitar pro on Biz Kid$ check out this video of Brandon Neiderhauer.

3. **Customized Sunglasses Stand**:

Shade seekers unite! Set up shop at local parks or beaches and offer to customize sunglasses with decals, paint, or even tiny googly eyes. Whether it’s a pair of shades with a pineapple motif or ones that transform into butterfly wings (yes, that’s a thing), your funky designs will have people lining up to shield their eyes in style.

4. **Watermelon Delivery Service**:

Who doesn’t love a juicy watermelon on a scorching summer day? Offer a delivery service where you slice and deliver fresh, chilled watermelons to beachgoers or picnic enthusiasts. Bonus points for throwing in a dash of salt or chili powder, because who doesn’t love a sweet and spicy treat?

5. **Pet Rock Painting Service**:

Let’s face it, everyone loves a painted pet rock. Offer a bespoke rock-painting service where people can customize their own quirky desk companions or garden ornaments. Get creative with designs like rockstar rocks or cosmic pebbles. It’s simple, fun, and guaranteed to rock their world!


So, there you have it — five hilariously awesome business ideas to kickstart your teen’s summer hustle. Check out our free business plan to get you started. Remember, the key to success is creativity, a dash of humor, and not being afraid to think outside the lemonade stand. Get out there, make waves (not just at the pool), and show summer who’s boss!

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