Gifts That Changed the Course of History

Gifts That Changed the Course of History



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Love it or dread it, ‘tis the season of giving. If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you’re either a parent of an aspiring young entrepreneur, or a parent aspiring for your child to become a young entrepreneur. The holiday season is a fabulous opportunity to encourage their passions and channel their free time by giving strategically. (Last week’s annual Biz Kid gift guide is a great place to start!)

Think you’re alone in your attempt to steer your child’s interests via what’s under the tree? Far from it. History is filled with stories of famous lives forever changed by thoughtful gift-giving. Here’s one imagined from the famed commercial producers of John Lewis:

1.     The Gift of Music: Elvis Presley’s First Guitar A modest yet meaningful Christmas gift ignited a love for music that led to the King of Rock and Roll we all know today. At the young age of 11, Elvis unwrapped a guitar and the world unearthed a superstar. Consider gifting your child an instrument to cultivate their artistic side and potentially uncover a hidden talent.

2.     The Gift of Storytelling: J.K. Rowling’s Typewriter Tale J.K. Rowling’s journey to literary stardom began with a typewriter – a Christmas gift from her boyfriend. This simple yet powerful tool allowed her to bring the magical world of “Harry Potter” to life. You could foster a child’s love for storytelling by providing tools that encourage their creativity, such as a fun pen and journal or a laptop.

3.     The Gift of Gab: Oprah Winfrey’s First Radio Oprah’s exposure to the power of media started with a radio set received as a child. That early gift played a major role in shaping her record-breaking career. Consider introducing your young entrepreneur to the world of media through age-appropriate gadgets or subscriptions that nurture their curiosity (don’t forget to fill them with educational content like Biz Kid$!).

4.     The Gift of Innovation: Steve Jobs’ Electronics Kit The iconic co-founder of one of the world’s most iconic brands, Steve Jobs received an electronics kit that fueled his fascination with technology. As a parent, consider encouraging your child’s interest in STEM by providing educational kits or gadgets that allow them to explore the exciting world of innovation.

5.     The Gift of Drama: Charlie Chaplin’s Makeup Kit Charlie Chaplin’s iconic on-screen persona was birthed by a makeup kit gifted during his struggling years as a performer. That simple gift transformed his career and shaped the history of cinema. Foster your child’s artistic expression with gifts that encourage creativity, whether it’s a set of paints, acting classes, or a camera.

As you search for that perfect Christmas gift for your young entrepreneur, remember that sometimes the most meaningful presents are the ones that spark a lifelong passion. Whether it’s an instrument, a writing tool, a tech gadget, or a means of artistic expression, the right gift has the potential to set your child on a transformative journey toward success. Embrace the spirit of giving, and who knows? You might be laying the foundation for the next generation of influential leaders and innovators.

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