The Incredible, Edible, Sellable Egg

Perfectly positioned between Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, a young entrepreneur named Nolan Stroy is counting his chickens before they hatch. But that’s no metaphor — the eggs his chickens lay are a thriving business for Nolan. 40 chickens produce dozens of eggs each day – eggs Nolan delivers to homes throughout his hometown of Murdock.

For Nolan, the age-old business is a lesson in marketing, faithfulness, and cost of goods sold (As Nolan says, “With 40 chickens, you go through a lot of water.”) His business was also a classic tale of starting small and growing with demand. The high school student started with just 10 chickens, reinvesting his profits into the purchase of additional chicks over time.

Nolan is far from alone in selling eggs as an early entrepreneurial endeavor. Fun fact: Famed investor Warren Buffett also sold eggs (in Nebraska, no less!) as his first childhood business.

One of our earliest Biz Kid$ young entrepreneurial feature stories was City Chicks – an organic egg business run by then-elementary-aged ”chicken wranglers” Giorgia and Jackson. (The two are now teenagers with life-size ambitions of their own.)

Thinking of starting your own egg business? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Rules & Permitting

Check your local regulations and zoning laws. You might need a permit – or find out that raising chickens is a no-no altogether.

Startup Costs

Calculate the total cost of purchasing chicks, building a coop, buying feed, and any other necessary equipment. You may find that the startup costs are quick steep.

Outdoor Space

Where will you keep your chicks? You’ll need a coop with proper ventilation, nesting boxes, and space for roosting.

Know your Breeds

Different breeds lay different quantities of eggs. Consider factors like climate, egg color, size, and frequency of laying before selecting one.