A young boy is standing in a martial arts class.

The Bank that Stole Its Own Customers’ Identities

You’re likely aware of identity theft, the crime of pretending to be someone you’re not in order to get cash or credit in their name. But have you ever heard of a bank pretending to be one of their own … read more

A crowd of people in a shopping mall with christmas decorations.

Black Friday & the Myth of Savings

Black Friday is upon us. Slashed prices are everywhere, as are long lines of deal-hunting shoppers with ads in hand. I’ve been one of them many times, taking home cheap movies and gadgets with the rest of America. But ask … read more

A group of people taking a selfie at the oscars.

Advertising: You are the Target!

Think for a moment about the last 5 marketing messages that came before your eyes. Was it difficult or easy? 50 years ago, you would have gone back a couple hours in your memory. Perhaps to the newspaper ads you … read more