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Advertising: You are the Target!

Think for a moment about the last 5 marketing messages that came before your eyes. Was it difficult or easy? 50 years ago, you would have gone back a couple hours in your memory. Perhaps to the newspaper ads you … read more

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Good Design & The Young Entrepreneur

Let’s face it: in business, most of us judge a book by its cover. If you have a stack of pizza menus in front of you, which one will you choose? Probably the one with the best pictures and most … read more

A stack of united states checks with the statue of liberty.

The Great Myth of the Tax Refund

Tax day passed a week ago, and in just enough time for your parents to recover from their sleep-deprived, last minute tax filing, refunds will begin to arrive in mailboxes across the country in a matter of days. If you … read more