Financial Basics — Lesson 106

Taking Charge of Your Financial Future

Students play a card game with 'Financial Goal Cards' and 'Opportunity Cards', where they travel to various stations in class, making decisions that help them reach a financial goal.

What Students Learn

1. Setting financial goals is important to achieving financial success

2. To achieve financial goals one must consider:

  • Opportunity costs
  • Immediate vs. delayed gratification
  • How to prioritization spending decisions

3. Achieving financial goals can be done in small steps over a long period of time

Suggested Time

  • Preview and Episode Viewing: 45 minutes
  • Activity 1: 30-45 minutes

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Young Entrepreneur: Art by Christian

Lessons in Financial Basics

Three man at jungle wearing borm

Money Math – Who Needs It?

What Students Learn

  • Whether you need to calculate the tip, make change, or grow your savings, it’s all about the math in money.
Group discussion of two woman and a man

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

What Students Learn

  • Learn how to track expenses, control spending, and invest what’s left over to reach your financial goal.
Man looking through the magnifying glass

Don’t Blow Your Dough

What Students Learn

  • Biz Kid$ beware! Put your money in a safe place and beware of scams, schemers, and identity theft.
Anchor talking at Biz Kids show

Budgeting Basics

What Students Learn

  • The first rule of money management: you can’t manage what you don’t know. Learn how to track expenses to build a better budget.
Woman pointing to set financial goals

Are You Financially Literate

What Students Learn

  • Get financially empowered by learning how to set goals, create a budget, save, and manage money.
A woman in a black top, looking at a boy

Where’s My Allowance?

What Students Learn

  • What can you do with your allowance? Spend, save, share!
Sketch Loan Arranger with hat

Take it to the Bank

What Students Learn

  • Learn the difference between banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, and which one is right for you.