Saving & Investing — Lesson 118

Saving and Investing for Your Future

Student break into pairs to play the 'Onward and Upward' game to learn about different saving and investing strategies.

What Students Learn

  • How to save enough money to reach personal goals
  • What it means to 'pay yourself first'
  • Saving and investing options available for kids
  • The importance of starting to save early

Suggested Time

  • Preview and Episode Viewing: 45 minutes
  • Activity 1: 30 minutes

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BK Hosts: Interest Rock Stars

Lessons in Saving & Investing

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Whats Up with the Stock Market?

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Episode 118

Saving and Investing for Your Future

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Bulls, Bears and Financial Markets

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What to do with a Windfall?

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How to turn $100 into $1,000,000

Most people say 'yes' even though their actions say 'no'. Don't be one of those people! Biz Kid$ will show you how you can develop your MDM (Million Dollar Mindset), maximize saving strategies, and...