The Economy — Lesson 505

The Economics of Economics

How do economic principles influence your daily life? Learn about everything from macro to micro economics, supply and demand, and other economic indicators. Discover how individuals, business leaders, and even the leaders of countries use economic principles to make decisions. It’s all economics!

What Students Learn

  • Identify different economic concepts.
  • Distinguish between macro and micro economics.
  • Become aware of the laws of supply and demand.
  • Take responsibility for personal financial decisions.

Suggested Time

  • Preview and Episode Viewing: 45 minutes
  • Each Activity: 45-60 minutes

Lessons in The Economy

Episode 408

The Value of Money

With many currencies around the world, what determines the value of money?  What are the factors that raise or lower the value of the American dollar?  Why is the dollar measured against the...
Episode 105

Money Moves

Watch the ebb and flow of money as the Biz Kid$ examine how money moves in the economy.  Follow a single dollar bill as it moves from a depositor’s hand across the counter, down to the vault, over...
Episode 120

The Global Economy

Go around the world with the Biz Kid$! Join us and you’ll follow the flow of imports and exports that make up the interconnected world economy. You’ll also see how several entrepreneurs have...
Episode 208

Economic Cycles

Cycles in the economy go up and down.  Learn how cycles can affect a business. Discover how you can protect yourself against negative effects and plan for the positive trends. Meet a young man who...
Episode 505

The Economics of Economics

Here's a lighter look at the complex science. Learn about everything from micro to macro economics, supply and demand, and economic indicators. See how business owners and even individuals use...