Young Minds, Big Dreams

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Yes, if you're the one giving it away. Hear heart-warming stories of how kids identified a need in their community and used an entrepreneurial mindset to solve it. Be inspired by their ingenuity, and find out how you can do the same to make a difference by becoming a social entrepreneur.
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Money Really Does Grow On Trees

Opportunities to make money are all around you. From products to services, offline to online, and the basics to the bizarre -- this episode explores ways to bring in the bucks if you're too young to get a job.  We show you how to make money even if you all you have is a good attitude.   Kids will walk away with some inspiration, if they're willing to exert the perspiration.
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My First Credit Card

Your first credit card -- manage it right and it could lead to a world of possibilities. Get it wrong and it will mean years of regret. Biz Kid$ demystifies the process of getting a credit card, how to use it correctly, and explains terms like credit score and APR. Hear from kids who used credit to their advantage, and a few who wished they had.
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College Bound

The average college student will graduate with over $35,000 in debt, and some with thousands more. Faced with such a heavy burden some kids are opting not to go to college. This episode looks at college from a return-on-investment perspective. Which degrees pay for themselves and which don't. When does it make sense NOT to go to college? And how to get creative to achieve your college dreams without ending up with a lifetime of payments.
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How to turn $100 into $1,000,000

Most people say 'yes' even though their actions say 'no'. Don't be one of those people! Biz Kid$ will show you how you can develop your MDM (Million Dollar Mindset), maximize saving strategies, and get the best return on your investments so you can take advantage of the power of compound interest. You won't get rich overnight but eventually you'll be making millions.
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What to do with a Windfall?

Congratulations - you have a windfall! Now what? Take a look at some investment alternatives and how to evaluate them based on time, risk, and rate of return. Meet several young entrepreneurs who were faced with a financial opportunity and where they decided to invest their money.
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It’s a Job Getting a Job!

It’s a job getting a job and Biz Kid$ is here to help. Learn tips and tricks for writing a great resume, dressing for success, and nailing the interview. Get the inside scoop on what employers look for from a young entrepreneur who manages over 200 employees.
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Take it to the Bank

A kid’s view of the services which banks, credit unions and other financial institutions offer – and why you should make use of them early in life. Learn the different products and services that banks offer and how to shop for the right bank for you. Meet a young entrepreneur with a haunted house who has no fear of banking.
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The Economics of Economics

Here's a lighter look at the complex science. Learn about everything from micro to macro economics, supply and demand, and economic indicators. See how business owners and even individuals use economic principles to make financial decisions. Meet a young entrepreneur who started her serving business up when the economy turned down. It’s all economics!
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You Are the Target!

….of advertisers, that is. Kids and teens are subjected to thousands of commercial messages every day. This episode helps you recognize when you are being targeted, how to resist manipulation, and when to apply good consumer skills to cut through the commercial fog.
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Movin’ On Out

Check out this kid’s guide to the true cost of cutting the cord and being independent. This episode takes you through it all — budgeting, roommates, finding a place, and learning about all the hidden costs that mom and dad used to pay. Meet seven girls who figured out how to share finances and the hairdryer. So how much does it cost to live on your own? More than you think!
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Hidden Careers

You don’t have to be perfect at your passion to build a career in it. Learn about “behind the scenes” careers in sports, music, ballet, medicine and aviation.
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Escape the Box

Opportunity knocks – what do you do?  Learn how to "think outside the box" and be creative in problem solving, recognizing opportunities in your life and acting on them.  
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The Marketing Mix

Now that you’ve started a business, how will you market it? Learn about the four P’s of marketing success: product, price, promotion, and placement.
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Where’s My Allowance?

Learn how some kids get an allowance based on chores, and others just for being part of the family.  Either way you need to know about the three things you can do with your allowance -- spend, save, share. Meet some parents who are not afraid to talk about money with their kids, and young entrepreneurs who are using their allowance to invest in their futures.  
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Secrets To Success

Did you know your credit score could impact whether or not you get into college, get a job, or even rent an apartment? Join the Biz Kid$, and you’ll learn about building good credit and how the credit laws affect your life.  Meet a teen who built her vending machine business on good credit, and a club promoter who explains what happened due to bad credit.
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More Bang for Your buck

In good times or bad, it's always good  to know how to get the best value for your money, by being a smart consumer.  
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Wheel of Misfortune

The Biz Kid$ explore the most common financial mistakes that people make and the importance of following a financial plan.  
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Are You Financially Literate

Whether planning for college or the big move out after high school, being financially literate will help you be more successful.  This episode explores the skills of saving, banking, budgeting, goal setting, and managing credit.  
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Economic Cycles

Trends in the economy go up and down. Learn how trends can affect a business. Discover how you can protect yourself against negative effects and plan for the positive trends.
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The World Is A Risky Place

Taking risks in life is important, but you want to be smart about those risks. Learn the things you can do to protect your business, your assets, and yourself.
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Understanding Your Paycheck

What’s on your stub, bub? The Biz Kids use a modern American pay stub to explore deductions for social security and workmen’s compensation to the 401(k) plans of today—it’s all there on the stub.
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Understanding Income and Expenses

Go with the cash flow. Learn proven methods for getting expenses under control while growing income with new ideas, smarter work habits, and innovation.
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Sell, Sell, Sell (The Science of Sales)

All sales final. Join the Biz Kids in sales training and discover the traits common to all good salespeople. Meet a young entrepreneur who sells Lobster Feeder cockroaches!
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The Global Economy

Around the world with Biz Kid$! Join us and you’ll follow the flow of imports and exports that make up the interconnected world economy. Meet a long-board entrepreneur and learn about fair trade.
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A Closer Look at Careers

What does it take to find your true calling? From a NIKE shoe designer to The Reptile Man, find out how some successful people got their start and how they keep achieving their dreams.
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Saving and Investing for Your Future

See the powerful potential of starting a savings plan early in life. You’ll also discover various savings and investing options available to young people.
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Budgeting Basics

Learn the first rule of money management: you can’t manage what you don’t know! The Biz Kids take a look at spending and expenses and how to gain control of both.
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Using Your Credit

Don’t live on borrowed time - see the true cost of purchasing with credit. Have an unsettling look at credit scores and the increasing number of people who use them to evaluate consumers.
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Don’t Blow Your Dough

Protect the money you already have - beware of scams and avoid identity theft. You’ll also meet some young people who did blow their dough, and learned the hard way.
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How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

To reach your financial goals you need to track your expenses, get control of spending, and invest what’s left over. Start young, while time is on your side!
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Cash and Credit

You’ll learn about the power and pitfalls of credit, which is essentially using someone else’s money temporarily (for a price).
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How to Succeed in Biz-ness

The three key steps to business success: identify a need, make a plan, take action. Learn from a young fashion guru with a tie business, and the teen who started a magazine.
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Money Moves

Follow a single dollar bill as it moves from a depositor’s hand across the counter, over to the Federal Reserve, and finally out to a project the bank is financing.
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How Credit Affects Your Life

Did you know that your credit score is like your financial report card? It can make the difference in being able to afford the college of your choice, and may even affect whether or not you get the job or the apartment that you want. Learn about building good credit, and research how credit laws impact your life.
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Money Math – Who Needs It?

Math is a true building block in the business of your life - whether it’s figuring out a tip, making change, or learning how to grow your savings, it’s all about the math in money.
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Have a Plan, Stan!

Explore the different elements of a business plan and see why it’s crucial to develop a plan before you start your business.
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The Value of Money

What determines the value of money?  There are many currencies around the world.  What are the factors that raise or lower the value of the AmericanDollar and why is it measured against the Chinese Yuan, the Japanese Yen or  the Euro.
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How to Make a Million Bucks

It is possible!  If you start early and save consistently, you'll take advantage of the power of compound interest.  You can make a million by working hard, spending less than you earn, and by saving, saving, saving.  Meet a 16-year old with a fashion recycle business, and a track star saving his way to college with a button business.
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Crash Course on Starting a Business

So you've got an idea, now what? Take a quick but comprehensive tour on the steps you need to start your own business.
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Whats Up with the Stock Market?

Biz Kid$ take us through the language of the stock market and how these terms apply to our lives.
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Your first big Purchase

You’ll want to understand the important steps to take before your next purchase, whether you're buying the latest computer, a new smart phone, or a car. You will learn about budgeting, researching, negotiating, and more. Find out how a photographer upgraded his camera, and a 15-year-old aviator purchased an old airplane!
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Debt: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Biz Kid$ explore the positive uses of debt and the pitfalls it can create if not careful.
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