Our career episodes lift the veil on some of the hottest jobs on the market, from a roadie for a rock band, to a shoe designer for Nike. Find out how to land your dream job, ace your interview, and learn from mistakes along the way.

You’ll Learn How To

  • Write a resume
  • Ace an interview
  • Explore potential careers.
  • Explore educational options.
  • Pay for college without going broke.

Jobs, College, & Careers Video Bundle

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Get five 20-minute episodes, short clips of young entrepreneur stories, and lesson plans.

Episodes Included:

Video Clips & Lesson Plans for Careers

Man working in computer at office
Lesson 1

It’s a Job Getting a Job!

What Students Learn

  • Learn tips and tricks for writing a great resume, dressing for success, and nailing the interview.
Man drawing line on a paper
Lesson 2

A Closer Look at Careers

What Students Learn

  • Learn ways to start exploring careers, and find your true calling.
Man looking at the ramp show
Lesson 3

Hidden Careers

What Students Learn

  • You don’t have to be perfect at your passion to build a career in it. If you love something, there are many roles you can play behind the scenes.
Half face of a man
Lesson 4

Secrets To Success

What Students Learn

  • It’s simple – explore education options and build the best toolbox for your future.
A woman holding a camera tripod with blur background
Lesson 5

College Bound

What Students Learn

  • The average college student graduates with $35,000 in debt. Consider the return-on-investment of college and how to get educated without taking on debt.