Think you’re ready to leave home and live on your own? Master these financial skills before you ditch you parents, to avoid making that awkward call later begging for more bucks.

You’ll Learn How To

  • Pay your bills.
  • Understand your paycheck.
  • Avoid being targeted by advertisers.
  • Become a smart consumer.
  • Hang on to your money.
  • Get insured.

Adulting Video Bundle

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Get seven 20-minute episodes, short clips of young entrepreneur stories, and lesson plans.

Episodes Included:

Video Clips & Lesson Plans for Adulting

Two men taking instruction from their boss
Lesson 1

Movin’ On Out

What Students Learn

  • What’s the true cost of cutting the cord? We take you through it all — budgeting, roommates, finding a place, and learning about all the hidden costs mom and dad used to pay.
Two men are talking to each other
Lesson 2

Understanding Your Paycheck

What Students Learn

  • What’s on your stub, bub? Check out the modern American pay stub to learn about the deductions on your paycheck from Social Security to Workman’s Compensation to a 401(k) plan.
Three girls with blonde hair holding violin
Lesson 3

Your first big Purchase

What Students Learn

  • Make sure your first big purchase is B.R.O.W.N. - whether it’s the latest computer, a new smart phone, or a car. Learn about budgeting, researching, negotiating, and more.
Man in front of white lockers
Lesson 4

You Are the Target!

What Students Learn

  • ….of advertisers, that is. Recognize how to resist manipulation, and how to apply good consumer skills to cut through the commercial fog.
Couples are looking to each other
Lesson 5

More Bang for Your buck

What Students Learn

  • Whether you’re facing good times or tough times, know how to get the best value for your money. Discover tips for stretching your dollars.
A boy talking about setting financial goals
Lesson 6

Wheel of Misfortune

What Students Learn

  • Find out how to avoid common money mistakes such as overspending, too much debt, lack of planning, or no emergency fund.
Man saying that no risk no gain
Lesson 7

The World Is A Risky Place

What Students Learn

  • Be smart about taking risks in life. Learn about liability, contracts, and insurance, and how to protect your business, your assets, and yourself.