Have you heard of Marina Shifrin? Chances are, you have. She’s the woman who quit her job by posting a video on YouTube of her dancing to Kanye West’s hit, “Gone.” The story most have already heard is that she was fed up with being overworked and unappreciated, so after two years of anguish, she produced a video to tell her boss that she was quitting. Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 5.07.30 PM

Now, we don’t encourage quitting. Nor do we encourage risking your reputation for the sake of a good story. What we do encourage is something about Marina’s story that often went unreported in the stories of her quitting saga. Marina was able to quit because she had a lifestyle of saving that prepared her financially for the unknowns ahead of her. Because of her diligence, she was able to save an entire year’s worth of salary before she posted her now-infamous video on YouTube. An entire year! That’s an entirely different story.

Marina’s video could appear to many as being the epitome of irresponsible. One that could cost her many job opportunities in the future. And that is a conclusion we’ll leave up to you. But her financial life was just the opposite: one of diligence and saving that allowed her to live life on the edge when push came to shove.

So what do you think, Biz Kids? Are you saving for a “rainy day”? Have you ever had a job you hated? Tell us in the comments section below. Read all about Marina’s savings tips here. Learn more about savings from our very own episode, “Saving and Investing for Your Future.”