This 11-Year-Old is the UK’s Newest Conductor.

At Biz Kid$, we’re always hearing about impressive young people who are making waves in their communities. In other words, we’re hard to surprise; we know that kids are awesome. But this story got our attention.

An 11-year-old boy in the UK is about to break a world record for his involvement with the local orchestra at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. Did he win tickets? No. Is he playing with them? Close, but no. Get this: he’s becoming the conductor.

That’s right. On April 2, Matthew Smith, age 11, will be put in charge of the 75-piece orchestra. The previous record holder was a 14-year-old in Venezuela.

But don’t worry. He’s had lots of practice, conducting imaginary orchestras with headphones on in his bedroom.

Bravo, Matthew.