The Power of the Lemonade Stand

For many kids, the lemonade stand is a milestone. It’s Ground Zero for entrepreneurship, a gateway to a life of enterprise.

Ask a room full of successful entrepreneurs to describe their first business ventures, and you’re likely to hear story after story of lemon-flavored summertime sales.

12068875_958438734229892_4934083020421979838_oIn the town of Broomfield, Colorado, 8-year-old Jack Bonneau was set to be among them, until he dreamed even bigger. Instead of running just one lemonade stand, Jack launched an entire chain with the help of a $5000 loan. His story just made The New York Times.


















Meanwhile in Austin, Texas, 11-year-old Mikaila Ulmer is doing some big, lemony business of her own. The Biz Girl received an old 1940’s lemonade recipe from her grandmother that uses local honey and flaxseed as key ingredients. Can you guess what happened next? Whole Foods agreed to sell her lemonade in 55 stores across the country. Now that’s lemonade at scale.


What’s your best lemonade stand story, Biz Kid? Share your tips, tricks, and grand visions in the comments below.

And want to give your own lemonade-selling skills a test without leaving your computer? You’re in luck! Our Dollar-a-Glass game is waiting for you. All the (pretend) money-making fun of a lemonade stand without the sticky hands! Play it today.

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